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Celebrating My 21st Birthday – A Trip to London 

As a surprise for my 21st birthday, my mom and dad surprised me with a trip to London to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Part One & Two. On the day of my 21st birthday, I was at university and we were approaching the end of the student union election week. I had… Continue reading Celebrating My 21st Birthday – A Trip to London 

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Foodies Festival – Cannon Hill Park 2017

During my summer break I spent a lot of time writing and relaxing at home, I also wanted to try something different. My mum has always tried to get me out of the house to try something new and this has continued into the summer. In June I finally decided to attend a Foodies Festival… Continue reading Foodies Festival – Cannon Hill Park 2017

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PHAB’s 50th Anniversary – My Tribute 

Birmingham PHAB Camps celebrated their 50th anniversary this year, I decided to look back at my years at Birmingham PHAB Camps. I have been a part of the charity since I was eight years old when the charity contacted our house via our local special school. The charity explained to us who they were and… Continue reading PHAB’s 50th Anniversary – My Tribute 

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Cerebral Palsy Midlands

    Finishing for the summer I wanted to relax while I had some well earned rest. I wanted to concentrate on writing and updating this blog. Being inspired by my work experience at the Birmingham Post and Mail and my first year at university, I wanted to build a creative writing portfolio full of… Continue reading Cerebral Palsy Midlands

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Demon Media – Year One

After I emerged myself in my studies, I decided to get officially involved with Demon Media. Looking into the possible strands I could join, to see which one would best suit my timings and schedule, but also which one I would like to join and best express my personality. After long consideration, I choose to… Continue reading Demon Media – Year One

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Student Union Election – Disability Representative Campaign 2017

In around March time last year, I received an email, regarding the vice president role in Media and Communications in the student elections 2017. As I'd showed interest and was apart of Demon Media they wanted to bring the role to my attention. Curious, I glanced through the student union website to read through this role… Continue reading Student Union Election – Disability Representative Campaign 2017

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News Day 2017

During enhancement week at university in November 2017, De Montfort University arranged activities and events throughout the week. As I am a journalism student I had the chance to participate in a ‘News Day'. On the day, the classroom was set up like a live news room. There were students scattered everywhere exchanging ideas and… Continue reading News Day 2017

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Demon Media

At the activity fair during freshers week, I joined Demon Media as I planned to do from the first day of university. To get as much information as I could about the society, I picked up leaflets and a mini posters about all the strands. Within the society, I could get involved in the university’s magazine, ’The… Continue reading Demon Media

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Society19 Blogging

As the time to go to university approached, I started to research opportunities and vacancies in Leicester, in which I could do beside my course to build my experience and CV. It is also be a great way to form friendship groups other than I would at De Montfort University. By researching, I came across various opportunities that… Continue reading Society19 Blogging