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Bearing Disability: The issues with Accessible Toilets — Little Sea Bear

Some Accessible Toilets have gone through welcome changes over the years. There is the introduction of the Radar Key which prevent those without the radar key from using accessible toilets. And there has been an increasing number of Changing Places popping up in some venues too. These are positive and welcomed changes. But—yes, there’s a […]… Continue reading Bearing Disability: The issues with Accessible Toilets — Little Sea Bear

Disability, My Life

Disability & Standard Sized Toilets

In past years, I have been out in public and needed the bathroom, but I have struggled in using them… There are already a limited number of them and this is jeopardised further by the majority of them bearing standard locks. This is practically giving able-bodied people a free pass to use it, regardless of… Continue reading Disability & Standard Sized Toilets

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Disability Education – Able – Bodied People Using Disabled Toilets

Without going into too much detail, I often found there was a limited number of disabled toilets, which only disabled people can use. As it is a standard lock, there were a number of times where I was waiting to use the toilet, when I found non-disabled emerging from the toilets. Individuals, who were perfectly… Continue reading Disability Education – Able – Bodied People Using Disabled Toilets

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@pizza Grand Central Birmingham – Restaurant Review

@pizza is located in Grand Central Station, Birmingham. It is opposite Mrs Chow’s Chicken and next to Nandos. Getting in was quite difficult. There is no door, just an open shopfront, which is good, but inside was difficult to manoeuvre as counters and tables were put quite close together. I just about squeezed myself and… Continue reading @pizza Grand Central Birmingham – Restaurant Review

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Dishoom Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Dishoom Birmingham is located just on the edge of the city centre. The exterior is very beautiful and has an Indian theme to it. The entrance is flat access, although the doors are push and pull only, which is restricting if disabled customers are not with anyone. There are two sets of doors into the… Continue reading Dishoom Birmingham – Restaurant Review

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‘Changing Places’ – Tesco Superstore Winchester

The ‘Changing Places’ in this Tesco superstore is located towards the back. I would go through the main doors and cut straight down behind the checkouts, heading towards the toilets. Then you will find it. It is clearly signposted with the appropriate symbol and has a radar key lock which I think is great.  The… Continue reading ‘Changing Places’ – Tesco Superstore Winchester

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Lyceum Theatre London

The Lyceum Theatre in London hosts the theatre production of Disney’s, Lion King. It is probably one of my favourite performances that I’ve seen on stage. Booking your ticket can be challenging for anyone but as a disabled person, it can be even harder as these tickets are often limited in their availability and sell… Continue reading Lyceum Theatre London

Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ – Birmingham Bullring

The Changing Places facility in the Bullring was the first one that I discovered and I think that it is great to have one in the shopping centre as it is such a popular location and this way disabled visitors can use this facility and stay longer to make the most of their day with… Continue reading ‘Changing Places’ – Birmingham Bullring

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Maritmo Lounge Southampton – Restaurant Review

The restaurant is located within Ocean Village not far from Banana Warf, Picture and Piano and many others. I was surprised it was here rather than in line with the other restaurants nearby. Unfortunately, as I came up to the restaurant there was a large menu board cutting off most of the entry into the… Continue reading Maritmo Lounge Southampton – Restaurant Review

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Pret A Manger Above Bar West Quay Southampton – Restaurant Review

Pret A Manger, West Quay, Southampton is probably my favourite coffee shop in Southampton and I definitely recommend it for a hot drink and catch up with your family and friends. There are two entrances; luckily the one from outside West Quay Shopping Centre has flat access. The only issue is that the entrance is… Continue reading Pret A Manger Above Bar West Quay Southampton – Restaurant Review