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Honest Burger, Royal Festival Hall, London – Restaurant Review

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Honest Burger is near Royal Festival Hall in London. It has flat access into the restaurant but the doors are push and pull only, restricting independence to those customers who can’t open the door themselves.

I was surprised by how small the restaurant was compared to others around London. I saw a standard-size disabled toilet within the restaurant which was small even for those who can transfer independently. The accessibility was good, but the space was tight with limited tables and chairs. I was careful to get to my table and stay there, unsure how to position myself so I wouldn’t get bumped into every time someone passed. Unfortunately, the tables were too low for me to get underneath, and with the way the benches were connected t the table, I had to use my tray to bridge the two together. 

There was no bar within the restaurant but there was a counter leading toward the kitchen. As expected, the restaurant was very busy being in the heart of London but despite the busyness, the atmosphere was very light. Being a nice place to have a relaxed conversation with whom I was with, without shouting too much. The staff members were nice enough and did well dealing with the London rush but overall, nothing was too special about the customer service.

The burgers were good. I had a cheeseburger rather than the bacon cheeseburger, as I wasn’t sure how the bacon would be.  The cheeseburger was very nice and flavoursome, one part of it was overdone and burnt but I could overlook this because three-quarters of it were great. I did find the drinks a bit of a let-down, as I ordered a Coke Zero and found it only came in a can. I particularly enjoyed the rosemary top fries they were very tasty and crispy, and I definitely recommend these.

Honest Burger was a good restaurant I’m afraid to say that I have had better elsewhere.


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