At University with a Disability

Advice to Potential Undergraduates

Many college students see University as the natural progression after school and college, to be able to secure a professional career. However, I will be honest, University isn’t the only pathway you can go down in the game of life. Further education isn’t a guarantee of a job. Through studying at University, you will get more than a degree and feel that it is more than an educational journey;  you will have a life experience that cannot be found in the world of work.

Explore your options, both University wise and potential job opportunities, and apprenticeships.  For more advice on having a disability in the world of work, click on Alternative Routes in Life but for now, keep reading. 

The prospect of University can be scary with some of the different aspects of University life intimidating. But it can be exciting; you can seize hold of your life and shape your life into what you want. An Initial piece of advice is, do not feel pressured to know exactly what you want to do as a future career, until you are ready. No one ever has all of their life planned out. 

University is as much about dipping your feet in water and life experience as anything else. I would take it one step at a time, it isn’t a decision to be rushed. Consider every aspect of a University journey from the course, to the University itself, student life, and travelling away from home and more.

Questions to consider

  • Would University be something you’ve wanted to do?
  • Are you looking to experience a new city?
  • What are you wanting to get out of a University journey?

Nervousness and anxiety are completely normal as you start this new phase, especially as it’s a long, emotional process. There will always be underlying doubts and anxieties through the process, up until the day you start University, and even then you may still have doubts, but that’s okay. There is absolutely no shame in admitting you have changed your mind or you need more time. You must speak up at any point if you change your mind. 

Have you got a disability? 

The process is similar, with or without a disability, but for those with disabilities you will have extra things to consider. You may feel it’s impossible and I anticipate you are believing others when they say it is, but it is not. There is a lot of emotional and financial support out there for those students with disabilities. Individual Universities have their own disability team and department which are designed to help you make the most out of your University journey. It takes time, never-ending patience and a little creative problem-solving.     

More detail and advice is provided in future posts within this series! 


For now, I will leave you with another piece of advice; it is important to not let too many people influence your decision either way; you must consider what you want in life. It may seem an obvious piece of advice but you need to think with a clear head and you can’t do that with people constantly in your ear, how well intentioned they might be. You are the one who has to live with your decision!   

Make the right decision for YOU. 

If you want to continue on the University route, click Yes to University.

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