Changing Places Reviews

Changing Places – Arc Library Winchester

The ‘Changing Places’ facility within the Arc Library Winchester is located through the cafe and beside the other toilets, immediately to your left. There is a big sign on it with the ‘Changing places’ logo. It has a radar key lock which is a great step forward and a priority in the use of the facility. You can either use your radar key or ask the cafe who will give you the key so you can use the facilities inside.

Inside the facility, there is a great amount of space for both myself, who is in an electric wheelchair and my dad, who was in the facility with me, and we were able to use the facility easily. It was easy enough to manoeuvre with all the equipment and bags that we had with us. There were also hangers and a screen of privacy which proved very useful

A rarity in the facilities is if there is a shower provided, and in the Arc Library changing place there was a shower, which helps for hygienic purposes.

Two crucial pieces of equipment in a Changing Places facility are a ceiling hoist and a changing bed which were available within the facility. The bed was kept clean and folded away for the next user and the hoist had clearly been left on the charging dock for the next use with the sign reminding disabled customers to do so. Another rarity was the number of emergency cords provided. There was one beside the toilet and another beside the bed which was extra thinking on the library’s part.

I recommend this facility for disabled people that come to visit Winchester I would just be aware that the library closes at 5 p.m. so just be wearing of the opening times before you go to Winchester.

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