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Mowgli’s Grand Central Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Mowgli’s Indian Street food is in Grand Central Station among all the other restaurants. From the outside, it gives a nice, relaxed jungle theme which is also reflected inside and I felt both the name and the interior reflected each other nicely. It was flat access to get inside with some of the tables being a bit of a challenge to get manoeuvre around, but the space opened up the further I went inside. To my knowledge, there was only a standard disabled toilet for disabled customers to use so if you cannot use this toilet I recommend if you are coming to dine here after a long day shopping, either use the changing place facility that is in the Bullring shopping centre or in New Street Station. 

Though there was a lot of space within the restaurant, and I could get close to my table, the tables were still too low for me to get fully underneath. This meant I had to use my tray to bridge the gap. However, I did find this arrangement more comfortable than I have done in other restaurants. 

The atmosphere within the restaurant was nice and relaxed. There was a range of seating options covered in the jungle theme which gave a nice feel to it. It is both a nice place for a casual meal, and for celebrations. There is a large table in a relatively private dining area for big groups wanting to celebrate. 

The menu itself was quite extensive, covering a variety of different dishes to suit dietary requirements and palettes. I would recommend ordering two dishes or more as it is an Indian tapas-style restaurant. The staff were friendly, and the customer service was great, recommending different types of food to us. Amongst Dad’s choices of dishes, I tried the Mowgli House Keema which didn’t have much flavour in my opinion. Personally, I had the mother butter chicken, the house lamb curry and the puri which was two or three sweetbreads. I enjoyed the flavour of all of them, particularly the butter chicken but they were all cooked well, and the bread wasn’t too sweet. 

I defiantly recommend Mowgli street food in Grand Central station and I am looking forward to dining at Mowgli’s street food again.

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