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@pizza Grand Central Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

@pizza is located in Grand Central Station, Birmingham. It is opposite Mrs Chow’s Chicken and next to Nandos. Getting in was quite difficult. There is no door, just an open shopfront, which is good, but inside was difficult to manoeuvre as counters and tables were put quite close together. I just about squeezed myself and my chair through towards our table. Once I was at my table, I felt comfier not to move around.

Toilets are at the back of the restaurant, but the disabled toilet is of a standard size which does not accommodate many customers with disabilities.  

As the accessibility and space were tight, I could only get to one or two tables in which my dad, my friend and I sat a booth. I sat at the end trying to get as close as possible while not in the middle of the walkway where staff members and customers passed through. The tables themselves were at a decent height but still too low enough for me to get my chair underneath but I was able to get close enough to be able to eat my choice of pizza in some comfort. The counters were towards the back of the restaurant which I could not get to but some in smaller wheelchairs or manual wheelchairs could possibly get there. The counters were of a decent height and if there isn’t much custom there at one time, you can be heard.

The staff members were wholesome, kind and content, helping us through every part of our meal and smiling when we asked them to change the gas on the soda machine. At the time of my visit, the restaurant was quite busy, being so close to the Christmas period. Though the restaurant was small, the atmosphere did not seem too loud and compressed. We were all able to chat and enjoy our meal. 

At first, I did not like the look of the menu, thinking that the pizza choices were very limited but then I looked at the back of the menu and saw there were more options. @pizza is like a version of Subway where you completely make your own pizza from the base to all the toppings you want. I really enjoyed this approach as I could completely construct my own pizza and it did not feel limited. The ingredients were fresh and it was overall very tasty with the drinks being refillable. I particularly enjoyed the mango and blood orange pop which was very nice. I kept going back for more. 

I would recommend this restaurant due to the create your own capabilities and fresh ingredients. I will be going back soon. 

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