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Dishoom Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Dishoom Birmingham is located just on the edge of the city centre. The exterior is very beautiful and has an Indian theme to it. The entrance is flat access, although the doors are push and pull only, which is restricting if disabled customers are not with anyone. There are two sets of doors into the restaurant with a very small path in between and it can be difficult to manoeuvre between the two before getting into the main restaurant.

The accessibility in the restaurant varies, depending on which part of the restaurant you’re in. The front of the building was a bit tight with tables and chairs throughout, but towards the back, which is where my friends and I sat, there was a lot more space. To my knowledge, there is a standard-size disabled toilet alongside the women’s and men’s toilets.

Due to there being a large group of us, we were able to sit at the back of the restaurant at a long table. It was difficult to manoeuvre around the tables because it was a busy Friday night, but it was comfortable. Unfortunately, the table we were sitting at was too low for me to get completely underneath it, but I was still able to get close enough to be able to prop up my tray on my lap against the table to study it. The bar was in a different part of the restaurant, so I’m not sure whether I could order drinks independently, but the majority of the meal was table service, so I didn’t have to worry about this.

Overall, the atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxed and interchangeable. It is a fantastic place for large groups or for parties, as it’s a nice atmosphere to have a meal and chat with friends. The food and drink in the restaurant vary, but I rescind several tapas dishes, especially if you’re dining out in a group. I can’t remember all the dishes we had, but I enjoyed the chicken tikka masala and the lamb chops in particular. I would recommend them to anyone who is going.

Dishoom Birmingham is a great restaurant, and I would recommend it to any future party.


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