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Rudys Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Rudy’s Pizza Birmingham is located close to ASK Italian and Franco Manca, not far from New Street station. The restaurant had a small step up to it which my wheelchair could climb but it’s something disabled customers need to be aware of. As usual, the restaurant has a standard-sized disabled toilet which is annoying.

The accessibility and space within the restaurant were good. However, there were a number of tables and chairs grouped together and some were hard to get past but overall, the access was easy, and I was able to get to our table. I was able to sit comfortably at my table despite the tables being too low for me to get underneath properly. I had to use my tray. 

For a Sunday lunchtime, the restaurant was quite busy. It quieted down before the rush of the evening, but the atmosphere was relaxed enough to enjoy a chat and catch up with friends and family. I had a nice blood orange lemonade which I’ve had elsewhere, and Rudy’s pizza Birmingham does the best one of them, it was fizzy, and the flavour wasn’t too strong. 

Unfortunately, all they had for a starter was garlic bread which I thought would be too much before a pizza. I would have liked flatbread with salt and rosemary but sadly they didn’t have this. I think they should add it to the menu. However, I did prefer the sourdough at Rudy’s pizza. It was thinner which was better. I enjoyed the dough used for my margarita pizza and the garlic aioli added to it.

Rudy’s was a good experience.


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