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Friends the Parody – Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Friends The Musical Parody took the stage at Alexandra Theatre Birmingham, for one day only, which is based on the TV Sitcom. Friends took place between 1994 to 2004, capturing the life of six individuals and their daily activities in New York City. The musical takes the mick of the TV sitcom. Taking to the stage the talents of Monica (Amelia Adams), Rachel (Rebecca Briely), Phoebe (Jessica Flood), Ross (Mikey Wooster), Chandler (Joseph Peters), and Joey (Max Jorquera) represented the characters very well and the addition of two further characters, Janice (Joseph Peters) and Gunther (Jonathan Walker Gilland), added further comedy to the sketch. 

I was perplexed as to how they were going to fit in ten seasons’ worth of material into a 2-hour stage production and will admit some parts were substandard and rushed, however, they captured the core of each season well. The production did their own style and riff to the late 90s sitcom and used satire to complement the parody in a creative and humorous way. Joseph Peters, who played Chandler and Janice, stands alone as my favourite performance from the entire cast, with him assuming both roles perfectly. Jonathan Gilland, who played Gunther was also a notable character. Rebecca Briely, who played Rachel, alongside the actress Jessica Flood, who played Phoebe, were both excellent performers as well. The actress, Amelia Adams, who played Monica, captured the character’s obsessiveness but not to the extent it should have been. For the performance of Mikey Wooster, who played Ross, I found his interpretation to be disappointing, being overshadowed by fellow cast members. 

The overall production made the whole audience, which consisted of multiple generations, to laugh and reminisce of the beloved sitcom.

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