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Dolce Birmingham City Centre – Restaurant Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Dolce is located on Corporation Street in Birmingham City Centre close to Aston University. The door was a normal push & pull arrangement, so I had to get my dad to open and hold it for me, it was flat access to get inside but the space was quite restricted and it looked to be a take-out place as opposed to an actual restaurant. However, I did notice a large staircase and people coming down it so I can only assume that there is a seating area upstairs. I was disappointed by this as it doesnt give much consideration to disabled customers. I, therefore, can’t comment on the toilet facilities or the tables in this review.

Members of staff within Dolce were nice and had good customer service skills which I commend them for as it was quite late, and they were very busy at the time of my visit. The counter was at my level, and I could give my order to the member of staff without much difficulty, but the problem came when the staff member heard my order but registered it incorrectly. This may have been due to the masks being worn and covid screen or because they were dealing with a mass of orders and were confused.

As it operated as more of a take-out and there was a mass of orders there wasn’t much atmosphere. The menu itself is quite extensive, offering a range of smoothies, hot drinks, milkshakes, waffles, pancakes, crepes, cookie doughs, sundaes or Docie specials. My dad decided to have a ‘Quite the Dolce Thing’ Belgian waffle which consisted of warm brownies, strawberries, and Nutella. He found the waffle to be a little thick and heavy, but otherwise very nice. I chose a make your own dessert, my options were Belgian waffles, an American waffle, crepes, cookie dough, cake or doughnuts. Quick choices were made, and I chose a crepe which after they mistakenly put chocolate brownie bites (instead of red velvet pieces) onto it had milk chocolate sauce, chocolate brownie bites topped with lotus biscoff biscuits with a side of vanilla ice cream. It was very nice, but I did find my choice to be sickly which could have been a result of the brownie bites but who knows.

Overall, my dad and I enjoyed our deserts and do look to getting another one soon. I hope to have one of the deserts listed or the freshly made doughnuts which looked wonderful or if it was a create your own dessert next time and several other sauces and toppings including lotus biscoff biscuit sauce, red velvet bites and terry’s chocolate orange. Not all at once of course.   

NOTE: There are other Dolces in Selly Oak and Sutton Coldfield, but this review is on Dolce Birmingham City Centre which is located in Birmingham City Centre close to Aston University.

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