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Wayland’s Yard, Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Wayland’s Yard is located on Bull Street, Birmingham, some ten minutes walk from the Bull Ring Shopping Centre. 

Getting into the cafe is flat access and has enough space for my electric wheelchair to get inside. However, they are push and pull doors, meaning I had to get assistance with these. When we entered the cafe, the staff member greeting us let us know that we were fine to sit anywhere. All the staff were very nice and helpful offering to move things around and bring things to our table. When buying things from the counter, they brought the card machine to me rather than me struggling.  

There is only one toilet, which is a standard size disabled toilet. This can only be used by someone who can transfer. Everyone in the cafe uses this bathroom as there is only room for one toilet. It is positive that the toilet has been made accessible, as there would not be space for a disabled and standard toilet at the same time.

Accessibility and space to move around the cafe will be dependent on when you go. If it is busy, it may be harder for you to manoeuvre around the floor because of people seated at tables. When quiet, it is easier as chairs are put under tables, and you can move furniture to get to the tables at the back. The tables were too low to get my chair underneath. However, I was able to get my knees under when approaching at an angle.

The counter to pay and where the baked goods are was slightly inconvenient because of its location. You had to go around a few tables and, because there is a stand opposite the counter, it took longer to get there and back. You cannot simply just turn around after paying. 

Wayland’s Yard is close to offices, so has a casual, yet working feel to it. It is fine to go for a chat with a friend or to get some work done. I was able to sit down with a hot chocolate and my laptop for about two hours and got loads of writing done for my course. 

The menu board on the back wall behind the counter was very confusing but my friend who I was with understood the menu more because she is more of a coffee drinker than myself. Wayland’s Yard specialises in coffee above the other drinks. There are many coffee options, such as standard grind, V60 and expresso. This can appear complicated to those who do not drink coffee. I had a really nice hot chocolate and could taste the purity of the ingredients. I do recommend the hot chocolate but maybe not one of the brownies at the same time. It could be too much. I had a brownie to take away with me. 

I recommend Wayland’s Yard as it is a quaint cafe where I can get loads of work done and relax. 

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