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Heavenly Desserts, Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Heavenly Desserts Southampton is located not far from West Quay Shopping Centre and from Oxford Street. It has flat access into the dessert parlour, however with the “Wait To Be Seated ” sign that is on a stand in the front, it obstructs most of the doorway and it is quite hard to manoeuvre past into the main parlour. There is a disabled toilet, and though I did not have to use it,  to my knowledge there is a  standard size disabled toilet which is suitable for some customers, but unfortunately may not work for everyone to use. 

The dessert parlour is newly built and quite well done with leather seating and big tables, with a sleek black look. Although this looks great and is eye-catching, the parlour can become quite busy and the number of people around the tables can obstruct the pathway. We went in the evening time, and it was very busy with people, so I struggled to get around the tables and to go where the staff wanted to seat us. For next time I will choose where to sit and would be wary of letting them choose your seat. Once I was at my table, however, there was a lot of room and despite the parlour filling up with customers, I didn’t feel jostled when customers sat around us. The tables are of a decent size and height, with chairs on one side and a sleek booth on the other. I was able to get underneath the table with my wheelchair, which is a rarity, especially in dessert places, but I still needed to use my tray as it was too low to reach and straining my back. There was a bar area and a counter where they served just ice cream scoops. The bar area was too tall for me but the counter at the ice cream scoop was just about to my level. The majority of the service at the parlour is staff serving at your table. The staff themselves were quite upbeat and bubbly, despite the busyness of the parlour.  They were helpful in taking our ordering, but my only criticism is that they were very prompt in getting our orders and they seated us at a difficult table. 

With the high demand for dessert parlours in Southampton, this freshly new one had an extensive drink selection, and it was similar to a choice of wine selection at a high-standing restaurant. The menu was quite hard to navigate as i was overwhelmed by it but I can see there has been a lot of thought and effort put into it. I would just suggest for they to relook at the menu for clarity. After a long confusing selection, I decided to have a make-your-own crepe which I topped with chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings and a lotus biscuit crumb. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the crepe was still hot being served to me, which doesn’t always happen at dessert parlours. I was happy with all of the selected toppings, although having the amount of chocolate sauce served with the shavings did make it slightly more sickly but this could be down to my own selection. My dad had the Ferrero Rocher sundae which was big and packed full of everything you’d expect it to have. The highlight of the meal for me was the biscoff milkshake I ordered, which had the right amount of biscoff, and wasn’t overly creamy and overpowering. 

I would definitely have the milkshake again, and if I were to order the crepe next time, I would choose a different sauce. Overall I would recommend Heavenly Dessert Southampton, but I would just be wary of some of these issues listed above and avoid them wherever possible. I will be returning to the parlour myself as soon as possible.

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