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Stakks Pancake House, Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Stakks, Pancake House, Southampton is in Marlands Shopping Centre opposite ShakeAway. Getting in was relatively easy only the stand blocking the walkway but overall, it was okay. To my knowledge, there is a disabled toilet, but it is of a standard size and confined. 

Accessibility & space within Pancake House, Southampton was reasonable. It was a new place and quite spacious with tables and chairs being spread out accordingly which meant I was able to move around the majority of them with ease and get to my table, but I could not reach the counter by myself as the tables in front of it was quite close, so I won’t be able to pick my chair in between them but apart from this accessibility and space was good.

The tables and chairs are all the same model and relatively new. Chairs can be moved quite easily to the side and then I could get close enough to the table which is great. Many food places like this I struggle to get close enough to the table due to either the space or the style of the table. Unfortunately, the tables were still quite low, so I wasn’t able to get fully underneath. My knees bumped and scraped against the underside of the table, it was tolerable, and I was able to eat my choice of food with some ease.

As my dad and I first arrived at Stakks we were greeted by a member of staff who was quite curt as she told us that they were closing soon, and the kitchen was going to stop serving in around 10 minutes. We did not find this very good customer service skills, but we still sat down and ordered our choice food. From here the customer service response improved and we found the staff members polite and helpful.

Though it may vary depending on the time of day you visit, I found the atmosphere quite relaxed and enjoyable. It is a good place to sit, eat and catch up with friends and family. Stakks, Pancake House offers a range of both savoury and sweet pancakes available as an American pancake or a crepe which is my preferred option. A few different drinks are also available but to know exactly what’s available I would check the menu for yourselves

I chose to have a crepe over American-style pancakes as I saw them more favourable and less stodgy so you can enjoy all of them without feeling overly full straight away, but this is a personal preference. As it was my first time at Stakks pancake house, I chose to play it safe and go for a lemon and sugar crepe, although I was tempted by the chocolate crepe. I made the right choice for this visit; the two crepes were warm and fresh with the sugar lightly sprinkled across them with the lemon on the side. I appreciated this touch as it allows the customer to put as much or as little lemon juice on it as we wanted. There have been a few places where the lemon juice on crepes or pancakes have been too overpowering, and it has put me off. However, this was different, and I really enjoyed it

Despite the questionable customer service and disability awareness I would recommend Stakks, Pancake House, Southampton for the lemon and sugar crepe and I will be returning there to try the chocoholics crepe.

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