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Beity Lebanese Restaurant, Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Beity Lebanese Restaurant, Southampton is located on High Street not far from Coriander Lounge close to West Quay Shopping Centre. On first appearance, the restaurant has one single step which could be possible for wheelchair users to climb if they have a manual wheelchair or have a stepper on their wheelchair to be able to climb it. My dad had to walk inside and ask one of the waiters to hold the main door open so he could help me up the step but then they brought a ramp out which was great and it made things easier to gain access to the restaurant.  

Personally, I didn’t have to use the toilet or and the facilities while I was in the restaurant but as far as I’m aware they have a standard size disabled toilet which unfortunately only accommodates to a small group of disabled customers

The accessibility and space were impressive, it was wide, and I was able to get around the tables without much struggle at all. The staff members were very nice and accommodating as they helped move the chairs that got in the way so could be able to have our choice of table and due to the time, we dined there weren’t many customers in it and we weren’t having to navigate around them so I was able to get close to my table and dine in comfort. Unfortunately, the tables were just low enough to stop me from getting underneath properly so I had to use my tray instead. A bar sat at the back of the restaurant, it was very nice but if I was to order from it, it would have been too high, luckily the restaurant operated on table service.

Considering it was New Year’s Eve when we dined at Beity Lebanese Restaurant, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. We purposefully went earlier before it got busy so we could get back before midnight and it was lovely. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed, a great place to sit and catch up with friends without it feeling too chaotic. I also got a glimpse of the atmosphere livening up more, the later it got, it was a very popular restaurant. The staff members continued good service as they were prompt and kept coming to check on us to see if we needed anything else.

Beity Lebanese Restaurant, Southampton offers a wide menu with different options. I chose to have two skewers of tender lamb cubes, charcoal grilled, marinated with herbs and spices with a side of fries and a coke. I thought it was flavoursome but for me, this version on the lamb was too chewy and it ruined it for me. But it may be because I chose the charcoal-grilled option rather than how the meal was cooked. My Dad had the mixed version, one chicken skewer and one lamb, charcoal grilled marinated with herbs and spices with a side of fries, and he really enjoyed his. I tried some of the chicken skewers and it was great, I much preferred the chicken skewer over the lamb. More recently I went back through and had Chicken Shawarma with fries and I much preferred this over the lamb dish I had last time.

I recommend Beity Lebanese Restaurant, Southampton to others.  

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