Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ – Tesco Superstore Winchester

The ‘Changing Places’ in this Tesco superstore is located towards the back. I would go through the main doors and cut straight down behind the checkouts, heading towards the toilets. Then you will find it. It is clearly signposted with the appropriate symbol and has a radar key lock which I think is great. 

The facility is slightly smaller than I’ve seen in other Tesco superstores but it is large enough to suit me and my dad who was assisting. In the facility, the lights weren’t that great. You could still see everything. It was quite clean and well maintained, with all the appropriate equipment in there such as the hoist, the changing bed, a screen of privacy and hangers. 

There was a toilet roll and a soap dispenser, with the sink being height adjustable to allow different users easy access. The changing bed was folded away to allow us more room but I could see this had been cleaned regularly and maintained well. Usually, the track itself charged the hoist, it didn’t need to be put in a certain place to charge. The hoist was fully operational, being able to go to all points of the room. 

The toilet itself is at the back of the facility but in the middle which allows users and their assistants to get to either side of it. Unfortunately, the toilet was quite small and I did struggle to balance properly as I was using it.  

Tesco has really impressed me by fitting changing places in every one of their superstores and I wish other supermarkets would follow their example.

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