My Life

A Hole Where the Heart is

Four years ago my Mum grew angel wings and flew to sit on a perch in the sky. Every year is like a blow to the chest but specifically this year, as all of Mum’s friends are retiring or reaching their 60th birthdays which is a big milestone. There is nothing my Mum loved more than a party!

My Mum has always been and will always be my inspiration. From her never-ending courage or her love for others, I truly miss everything about her.  I have tried to follow her teachings and life lessons but nothing beats being able to hear, her voice and allowing her to guide me.

I have been studying for my MA for the past two years and though I have enjoyed it, there has also been a weight on my shoulders with it. Mum, of course, being an inspirational lecturer herself, found a way to make it easier for me. Though she was my harshest critic, and some of her comments were annoying, I would give anything for her to tell me to rewrite an entire page to correct my argument right now.

She sadly passed away months before my undergraduate graduation and her absence was felt on that day after she had helped me so much to get there. I felt an achievement walking across that stage. Now, I have the prospect of my MA graduation in the new year and really wish she was there to loudly and boastfully cheer me on. Whooping at the top of her lungs.

Mum. Forever in my heart, my soul.

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