Disability, My Life

Sit & Wait

‘Ignorance is bliss’

A well-known saying and in some respects it can be true and people prefer to hide behind it. But then there is just plain ignorance and poor attitudes towards those with disabilities. I have been objecting to the way I am treated by society and people in child and adult services. Any frequent reader and follower of this blog will know of my continued battle for my independence and for the way to live the life I wanted. Some things I can brush off or forgive with just an exasperated sigh or a roll of the eyes, but other things I stamp out.

My most recent dealing with adult services is one of those times. I had to acquire a new sling for my hoist,  to replace an older one that was losing grip and getting worn; I also needed an appointment with an occupational therapist (OT) and a physiotherapist’  It had been a long time since I had seen either, and I needed an up to date assessment. As expected, it took a very long time to get an appointment and then a home visit, first with the physiotherapist and then the occupational therapist; months I think. Finally, they got in touch and home visits were arranged.

The physiotherapist and occupational therapist were very prompt at arranging appointments, wanting to schedule home visits within two or three days of the phone call. It angered me that these people automatically assumed that my schedule was empty just waiting around all day in the house. Ignorance really irritates me, especially from people in a profession who work and facilitate those with disabilities to live better lives. Why do they always assume that we don’t live a life outside our houses? Or can just drop everything and reschedule to suit them.

Sit and wait.

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