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Changing Places – Warner Brothers Studio Tour London

Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter already has great disability awareness and access around the entire tour and it has made further steps including securing a ‘Changing Places’ facility to ensure that anyone with any type of disability can use the toilet when they are in need of it. 

The facility is located within the main entrance of the studio tour, near other toilet facilities but ask a member of staff for the exact location. It has a radar key on it so you can either ask one of the assistants for the key or you can take your own. The space in it was quite wide and there was enough room for myself, my friend and my dad. It looked brand new inside and was extremely clean. It had all the equipment needed such as the hoist, the changing bed, height-adjustable sink and hooks to put your bags and coats so they didn’t get in the way. There was not a mini shower and curtain to help with hygiene and it allowed disabled people to get freshened up before they re-emerged from the facility, which is a negative. 

I admired how this facility caters for everyone with all disabilities. There was a ceiling track hoist that stretches across to all parts of the facility, so those who cannot transfer independently are able to use everything in there. Those who use it have to bring their own sling for hygiene reasons and because there isn’t one provided. 

At first, there was a question about whether the hoist was actually working. Upon getting a member of staff, it was made clear that the emergency string had been pulled. If this ever happens to you, make sure to push the string back in. It should work then. 

It is one of the best ones I have been to. I definitely approve of this ‘Changing Places’ facility.


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