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Vespa Italian, Leicester Square, London – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Vespa is an Italian restaurant located in Leicester Square in London. The outside of the restaurant was very bright and welcoming and one of the staff members was outside attempting to entice customers in; offering out menu’s for potential patrons to view before entering. At the time of my visit it was a lovely hot sunny day in late-June. Due to the wonderful weather the outside dining area of the restaurant was full and the inside looked to be going much the same way. Luckily, my father knew the owner and had pre-booked us a table so we could dine there after seeing Lion King at the theatre.

I was unable to see the disabled toilet within the restaurant so am unsure what facilities are available.

Despite how busy it was I was able to manoeuvre around the inside of the restaurant easily and had no trouble getting to our table. We were visiting at peak time, so the restaurant was very busy, yet this did not make it feel crowded; rather it just added to the atmosphere and ambience. We were placed on a table next to the window. This opened out allowing us to enjoy the sun and heat from outside. The table itself was a low height so I required my tray to eat from, but I didn’t mind this as I was able to get very close to the table, so it wasn’t too much of a strain.

I ordered a Diet Coke with my meal which was fizzy and refreshing with my meal. The drink menu was quite extensive and also included a range of alcoholic beverages including a selection of cocktails.  The food menu had a great variety of Italian-based dishes and the waiters were quick to offer dish recommendations which was very helpful given the abundance of choice! It should be noted that the vegetarian options were somewhat limited and my friend (who is vegetarian) struggled to find a suitable dish. She ultimately settled on a pasta dish which she thoroughly enjoyed. My father had a seafood risotto which he said was good but not as flavoured as my mushroom risotto. Despite being a risotto, I found that my mushroom risotto was not overly heavy, and it was a delicious combination of flavours and spices. It was a little spicier than I expected but I still very much enjoyed it and would definitely recommend this dish.

Throughout the experience all the staff members we encountered were very friendly and attentive. Both the owner and waiting staff had excellent customer service skills and despite the busyness of the restaurant they remained attentive and friendly throughout. Added to this the service was very prompt and the waiters and kitchen staff clearly were well practiced at handling busy periods.

After dinner we looked at the dessert menu which offered a range of options to choose from. After much thought I decided to opt for a chocolate pudding. I actually found this to be quite disappointing as it was both dry and heavy at once. My father followed the recommendation of the waiter and his dessert was delicious so I would be eager to try a different dessert in the future. I already know what dishes I want to order next time I visit and eagerly await my next visit!

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