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Bill’s, Covent Gardens, London – Restaurant Review

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Bills is a medium-sized restaurant located at Covent Gardens in London. It is located nearby multiple theatres so an idle location for a meal just before going to see a show. There was a small step into the restaurant which I was able to get over with a push but that was obviously less than ideal. Although I had to manoeuvre around the bar to reach the ramp down into the seating area this was quite easy to do. The ramp was quite thin however, and as it was dark, I did feel wary for a moment when going down. The bar itself was very high and I wouldn’t have been able to access it independently.  I found it easy to manoeuvre around the restaurant, but we did have to ask some other patrons to stand or tuck in as I passed.

As I passed through into the main restaurant, I noted that they did offer a disabled toilet but this was one without a hoist, so I was unable to use it. The first staff member we encountered was kind and attentive and took us to our seats. However, the second staff member did not even bother to address me and instead asked my father what I would be ordering which was very rude. The other staff we encountered were polite however this one did sour the experience slightly.

The tables were of a low height, so I had to use a tray to avoid straining my back. I ordered a diet coke yet despite coming from a bottle it was quite flat and seemed to lack fizz. There was a wide-range of lunch menu choices although the price was a little more than expected (London Prices). I ordered a classic beef burger with cheese and was given the option of medium or well done for the burger. Although I chose medium, I would say it was closer to well done, however it was still very nice.

The atmosphere was somewhat dry despite being quite busy due to the large number of customers having meals before going to see shows at the West End. Rather than adding ambience the dark lighting made it quite gloomy and everyone around seemed to be disconnected from their surroundings. Overall it was quite an uncomfortable setting as it was both gloomy and busy. It was quiet enough to have a chat though.  This venue would have benefitted from having some background music just to try and build an ambience as it was totally lacking in personality. I could not comment whether this was a typical Bill’s experience, but it was definitely true of this Bills.

Overall, I would say the dining experience at Bills in Covent Garden was average. It wasn’t a bad experience, but neither was it particularly good. I would not be bothered about seeking out this restaurant again.

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