My Life

A Year On Reflection

Ten days until Christmas and just over a couple of weeks until New Year’s Eve. Time to reflect on my little piece of the world. Awareness and cautiousness of coronavirus has become the norm, unfortunately, subtly changing the world we live in. Sadly, my Grandmother passed away from coronavirus after contracting it in hospital. Another piece of my Mum has gone.

Shortly after, I began studying for  a Masters of Arts, after being delayed four months. Studying for an MA was intimidating but I felt like I chose the right course at the right University. I am halfway through my two-year course, MA Professional Creative Writing at Coventry University and I have made some great friends and formed our own writers’ circle and felt at home with them like I could be myself and show my writing without fear of ridicule. The course has taught me many avenues, including how to take our creative work and bring it to a point where we could send it to a publisher. It was one of the main reasons I chose this course over other courses at other Universities. I have loved how much emphasis they put on this area and will definitely use some of the contacts and tips I was given to work towards publishing.

I cannot wait to freely write my draft of my novel and work towards completing it next year. Next year will be intimidating with the next few steps in the course and surely an emotional roller coaster with my depression and the other challenges I am going to tackle. Lockdown and coronavirus has taken their toll on me and I am not sure what to see when thinking of next year but here is to one day at a time. 

Hold your loved ones close and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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