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Maritmo Lounge Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

The restaurant is located within Ocean Village not far from Banana Warf, Picture and Piano and many others. I was surprised it was here rather than in line with the other restaurants nearby. Unfortunately, as I came up to the restaurant there was a large menu board cutting off most of the entry into the outer sitting area. I did struggle to pass this, meaning I had to carefully manoeuvre within the small gap that was there.

The outer area was nice. It would be a good idea to come here and have a drink while soaking up the sun. If customers don’t want to come to eat at the restaurant I definitely recommend having a drink here, it’s very peaceful. Entrance into the restaurant itself is flat. There are doors that needs to be pushed or pulled open. However, at the time of my visit they were already propped open.

Inside the restaurant was spacious with a bar at the back. The toilets within the restaurant were upstairs along with most of the sitting area. I inquired as to whether they had a disabled toilet. They pointed to one out just to the side of the bar. I was annoyed as it was tucked away in a corner, and it wasn’t indicated clearly.

The accessibility and space within the restaurant were confusing. Though a lot of the seating area was upstairs, and this left a lot of the floor free, the tables and chairs that were there were very much against the side wall. With the door and a plant in the way, I did find it hard to manoeuvre.

To try my best to make do with what I had, I positioned myself at the side of the table where there was the most space and tried to get as close as I could. I was able to do this, but the tables were still too low for me to get properly underneath comfortably. This meant I had to use the tray I had brought with me to put my plate on. The bar within the restaurant was good. There was plenty of space around it to wait and I could see over it to be able to tell the member of staff what I wanted to order.

The customer service was okay, quite standard. Everyone was smiley despite the atmosphere being almost dead. There was music on in the background and it filled the space where the tables were, but it didn’t do much to lift the atmosphere.

Maritmo Lounge Southampton has a small menu that moderately varies between different types of food and drink. The basics were covered so if you like this then it’s a good place to go. I had a vanilla milkshake which was served in a milk bottle, so I was impressed with this touch. It was a good milkshake with thickness and taste. For food I had the lounge burger, which was tasty, just slightly overdone.

I’m not sure if I would recommend this restaurant entirely but I did like sitting outside in the forecourt. I do reccommend this if you want to meet up with family and friends. 

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