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Coriander Lounge Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Coriander Lounge is located on one of the outer roads surrounding West Quay Shopping Centre. It is well promoted by the outside. You can’t miss it. 

Getting into the restaurant easy, depending on how busy the area is. However, the thin pavement can be hard to navigate. There are also two tall posts holding up a sign with Coriander Lounge’s details on it which had to be moved aside to get to the main entrance. The two sets of doors are push and pull so I had to ask my dad to open the door for me. The space between the two sets of doors which were narrow and hard to manoeuvre.

To my knowledge, there is a standard sized disabled toilet at the very back of the restaurant.

The accessibility and space within the restaurant depends on the amount of custom in there at one time. There are a lot of tables within the restaurant to fill as much of the space as possible. This makes the space very limited as I tried to get in between them to my table, and it can feel awfully cramped at peak times. Once I got to my table I preferred to stay as still as I could so I wouldn’t be jostled or be put under pressure to manoeuvre again. It must not just be this way for me other customers may feel the same. 

I was able to squeeze past the outer tables to the bar. It is just above eye level, so I can talk to a member of staff over it. To be heard though may vary on how busy it is at that time as the noise can echo through the restaurant.

There are many tables and chairs within the restaurant to fit as much custom in there as possible. Most, if not all, the tables are low, and I cannot get underneath them properly. Although tilting my wheelchair down helped, I still take my tray with me just in case.

The staff members were okay, nothing more than the basic customer service skills. A busy restaurant with a quick turnover of tables often means the customer service were lost along the way. But they can very smiley and pleasant. The atmosphere is good but its just that of a busy restaurant. A good place to dine with a big menu, lives up to a good Indian restaurant. 

I have dined at Coriander Lounge before but on my latest visit we had a takeaway from there and I really enjoyed the lamb tikka masala. The pieces of lamb were tender and full of flavour. It wasn’t quite mild like the menu suggested, but it had just the enough spice for me. My dad had the special biryani and enjoyed it. The spice was at the level he wanted it to be.

Coriander Lounge is a nice Indian restaurant but the access nor space within isn’t great. Be wary of the quick service. But go with a group of family or friends to enjoy the nice Indian meal.

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