My Life

Realms of Magic – A Fantasy Wonderland

Realms of Magic is a fantasy-fiction novel that, I hope, has flourished over the many years I have spent writing it. I wanted to create a world in which readers can immerse themselves in, become to know characters that are different but relatable. I wanted gripping plotlines which also have a sense of warmth to them. Most of all, I wanted to create two worlds, one a normal, traditional Earth, the other – fantasy and magical. Through the first-person narrative, the magical place of wonder opens up before the reader, experiencing it as slowly as the protagonist. The difference between good and evil can be blurred. Multi-dimensional characters which create complex motivations aren’t always straightforward. 

Writing a fantasy novel can be harder than writing reality. Everything in this world is mine to invent, mold and shape. Initially set to be one story, this world has expanded, delving deeper into other realms and places. It has now become three novels, shaped around my central protagonist and a novella based upon the antagonist. 

Indeed, it has been difficult to make the story I wanted to whilst also listening to potential readers and following the conventions of the genre. I didn’t want to follow them without making it seem almost, robotic. I am continuing to carefully construct worlds, realms, plots and characters which entwine with one another without revealing each individual book and its contents. I want to drip-feed elements that may not be revealed until a future book in the series is released. 

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