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Writing a Novel: Realms of Magic

For years I have been working on a fantasy fiction novel Realms of Magic. I planted a small seed of a story, taking inspiration from films, TV shows and books I had read. Taking off elements I felt complimented each other and combined them doing my own story. At first, creating the story was a bit of fun and I just saw it as me putting some wrongs right from what I had watched or read and do my own spin. Once I completed the initial version, I was proud of what I had managed to create, I prepared to leave it and move on. Creating this new fictional story had shown me my love for writing and my interest in it so I pursued the opportunity to become a writer. From here I wrote a number of short and longer stories, but time had passed since writing the initial version of Realms of Magic and I couldn’t shake the niggling feeling that Realms of Magic could be made into something more. I went back to the original version and noticed the story had weak areas but definite potential so I began to plan everything out and slowly build it back up again. 

 In the meantime, I studied Creative Writing at undergraduate level and feel I have developed my skill set and craft to transmit into Realms of Magic, developing character, plot, location etc. Now, with a strengthened piece of fiction and sturdy future plans for it, I have chosen to work on it for my latest postgraduate submission and though I am anxious for what the results of the submission will be, I do not regret choosing this as my latest submission as I want to publish Realms of Magic and I hope this will be a more efficient way to start!     

UPDATE: I am very enthused to have received a 72% for my Realms of Magic submission and cannot wait to continue to work on it!

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