Changing Places Reviews

Changing Places – West Quay Shopping Centre

This Changing Places facility is located at one of the lower floors of the shopping centre near one of the parking levels. The lift to get down to the level has the symbol within it to indicate the level you will find the facility. The facility is amongst other toilet facilities though slightly set apart from the others. Added to this, the door was marked with the symbol representing a Changing Places facility.  Similar to other Changing Places facilities this one in West Quay required a radar key lock to ensure that only disabled individuals have access.

Space within the facility was very clear and all of the equipment within it was evenly spread out so people wouldn’t have to struggle to use the equipment. I didn’t feel rushed or stressed when we were using the facility. The only thing I’d be aware of is the room was slightly airless and compressed due to the heat of the day so this made it slightly uncomfortable. Cleanliness was very high and showed it was well kept and monitored regularly to make the use of the facility that much easier. There were also hangers which allowed us to put your belongings on to make sure the facility isn’t cluttered when in use.

The ceiling hoist and the changing bed were all present.  The changing bed was laid out, but it could be folded away if disabled users needed more space and there were tear-away sheets to keep the hygiene levels up. The ceiling hoist was fully operationally and stretched around the whole facility including over the changing bed to assist those who need to use both. The ceiling hoist had been put on the charging dock ready for us to use and went across the toilet where there was plenty of space either side for my dad to help me on and off the toilet. There was a height-adjustable sink which is good for disabled users to manipulate the height to be able to use it independently and there was also a screen of privacy within this facility which is good as it provides the disabled user with that extra reassurance that they would be shielded while using the facility.

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