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Shakeaway, Marlands, West Quay, Southampton

Rating: 4 out of 5.

ShakeAway is located in the upper floors of the Marlands Shopping Centre, not far from the West Quay shopping centre in Southampton. Provided the lift in the Marlands Shopping Centre is operational you should have no issues accessing this restaurant.  When you exit the lift finding ShakeAway is not difficult due to the brightly coloured branding. ShakeAway is amongst other cafes and restaurants but it still has a lot of space around it, so entry is easy. Added to this, it is easy to access the counter or tables.

The counter was at a lower height than typical so I could order over it independently. However, I was not able to reach the card machine, even to use contactless which made it harder to complete the transaction. The staff members working the counter were all very smiling and very helpful and patient for when I was placing my order. I didn’t feel stressed or rushed which helped my nerves as I’m used to other the people placing the order for me. I think they did very well in dealing with the multiple fast orders they were receiving at that time as it is a very popular place to get milkshakes.

Tables at ShakeAway were of a low height and I couldn’t get underneath them. This was fine as I could hold it in my hand as I talk to whomever I’m with while I slowly sip at the milkshake and enjoy. The atmosphere is one of organised chaos as it is a popular milkshake bar and staff members deal with the complex orders of milkshakes containing everything sweet that you could be possibly think of. You can have any combination you want, combining all your favourite flavours with time enough to make your decision of milkshake flavour.

There are so many options that is hard to list them here, every flavour you could possibly imagine. After a few visits and being overwhelmed with the extent of choices I always order one and while I wait for it to be made, I always choose the milkshake that I would have next time I came to a ShakeAway. I tend not to go for the pure chocolatey ones as I find them to sickly. I know it sounds a weird combination but one of my favourites from ShakeAway is Bakewell tart with marshmallows topped with mint aero bubbles, it tastes better than it sounds trust me!

I would highly recommend ShakeAway to any fan of milkshakes!

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