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Sprinkles Gelato Below Bar, Southampton – Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Sprinkles Gelato Below Bar in Southampton is one of my favourite ice-cream parlours. Clearly, I am not the only one who thinks so as this is the second store to have opened under the Sprinkles brand. For the purposes of this review, I am focusing on this second shop, although I have been to the first. Personally, I find this the better shop as the older store is typically much busier and more cramped than this one.

Getting into the store with a wheelchair is possible as although there is a step up at the main entrance there is a ramp. Please be aware that this ramp is quite steep so you may wish for assistance getting in. This shop has more space than the alternate Sprinkles shop, and I am able to move around the parlour to get alongside the counter or to a table. he accessibility within the Parlour is all flat but it can be a struggle getting around when it is busy. The tables vary from regular height tables, ones of lower height and lower seating to booth seating. Though all colour coordinated with the brand and evenly spread out. The tables are too low for my wheelchair to get underneath so I have to ensure that I take a tray every time I visit this ice cream parlour. The counter within the parlour is high but a section of it is a lower height where I can easily place an order independently which I am very happy with.

The shop does provide toilet facilities for both genders as well as a disabled toilet. The disabled toilet is of a standard size so electronic chair users may struggle within this space. These toilets are not well-maintained throughout the day so can at times be unsanitary.

The atmosphere at the parlour is always busy and a buzz due to the high footfall of the location and though it does get annoying at times it is a good place to get ice cream or sweet treat and a chat with friends.  On my previous visits, staff members have always been polite and had nice customer service skills but on my most recent visit, they seemed a little bit a abrupt towards me and my friends when I was trying to order.   I wouldn’t say it was particularly busy as was around 2pm but still found when we needed them, they were quite elusive.

This ice cream parlour always has a selection of ice creams with multiple different flavours to choose from. They always have core flavours which are constantly on sale but then others alternate so I would recommend trying all of the different flavours. I like to try the different flavours other than the usual ones you’re getting at regular ice cream shops or supermarkets. My favourite so far is the caramel cheesecake flavour. You can choose different ice creams or there’s a good selection of milkshakes or ice cream floats or normal fizzy beverages or J20s. As for the food, there is a selection of sweet treats including crepes waffles and sundaes of many descriptions – all very tasty.

I recommend this ice cream parlour. Perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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