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Showcase Cinema De Lux Southampton

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Showcase cinema Deluxe in West Quay Southampton is a new complex and I have been there a handful of times. The complex is located opposite West Quay shopping centre and has a number of restaurants surrounding it. The cinema itself comprises of one level above a level containing multiple restaurants. Though it’s been open for some time now it is still got that brand-new feeling as is wide and polished.  Another upside is that it has two lifts moving through the complex and down to a series of restaurants so that if one lift was out of order I could use the other one.

One of the things I like about this cinema is that the ticket counter and the snacks counter are separate from one another. This makes the queues for both shorter and means if you only want tickets, you’re not stuck behind a long queue of food orders.

Queueing up to the ticket desk I found that it was at the same height as my chair, so I was able to peer over it and talk to the staff member’s face to face. The staff members themselves were helpful and patient while I got my different student cards and CEA card’s out to present. Though the snack counter was higher than the ticket counter I was reassured by the staff members and their patient attitudes. The prices of both the tickets and snacks are the usual prices that you would expect at a cinema.

All of the screens within the cinema were on one level and they were all easy to get to. The screens were wide and able to seat a large number of people and the seats themselves were comfortable.  The cleanliness of this cinema was immaculate which is probably why it still feels so new.

Overall the cinema is one of my favourites as there are not many negatives to touch upon. I definitely recommend this complex while you are at West Quay either to visit the restaurants or cinema.

I would defiantly recommend this cinema next time you are in West Quay Southampton!

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