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LEON, Birmingham New Street Station – Restaurant Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

LEON is located in Birmingham New Street on the same side as T K Max. The doorway is okay to get through in my wheelchair, but disabled customers just need to be aware of the posts put up to ensure customers are going one way only.  It is a standard size cafe/restaurant so don’t expect to be overly spacious. It’s a decent amount of space to manoeuvre my chair easily from the door to the counter to the tables and back out again. Just be mindful.

The counter is just about suitable for the height of my wheelchair but sometimes I struggle to get close enough to be heard and the food being sold on the counter prevents me from getting close as well. Unfortunately, the tables aren’t high enough for me to be able to get underneath and the space prevents me from moving myself to face forward to the table so I have to squeeze myself in best I can. There is not much I can say about the staff members or the atmosphere. It being a small eatery means that there is not much staff to customer dealings but from what I have received and seen, they seem good with their customer service skills. The atmosphere isn’t much either. It’s a small location so not many people sit down and especially due to COVID-19 customers seem to come in get the food and go back out again.

I often go to LEON when I want to grab a bite to eat before my train journey or when I’m on my way back home. My friend and I can go together as they do have Vegan options on the menu as well as others. I haven’t tried the Vegan options myself, but I’ve been told they’re nice. I enjoyed the crispy chicken burger it was really nice, and it packed a punch. One of the things I will say is if you have it as a meal then beware that the chips get cold quite quickly. I also have had the fried chicken pieces and I’ll definitely be having these again they were nice and just enough to fit my appetite.

 I would recommend Leon if you’re passing through New Street Station.

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