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Tom & Jerry (2021) Film Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Tom & Jerry (2021) is a comedy starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Pallavi Sharda, Colin Jost and Michael Pena. The story features the famous rivalry of Tom & Jerry in New York City, at a lavish hotel. Tom Cat, who is a busking pianist in Central Park, is ordered to get rid of Jerry the day before an important wedding. Kayla Forrester (Moretz) bumps into the duo whilst they are quarrelling and meets them again when she is working as an event manager at The Royal Gate Hotel.

I have always loved the Tom & Jerry TV series, especially during my childhood. Upon hearing about a film coming out I wondered how it would live up to the expectations of the TV show. I wanted to see it for the sake of nostalgia and curiosity. The film plot was a little bizarre, especially with the use of live-action. Seeing animated characters alongside humans reminded me of Detective Pikachu (2019), which was as equally peculiar.

I was disappointed by the quality of the animation. It could have been updated, but I understand that this film was trying to use the classical style of the characters. I was impressed with how the film really did capture the essence of Tom & Jerry and that was the sole focus of the film. The plot moulded around them which is the way it should be. The comedic moments were cheesy and odd, but it worked. I was reminded of the TV series and how mischievous these heroes were.

I would recommend Tom & Jerry as a casual film to watch for a laugh. It is by no means blockbuster of the year but is entertaining for those who are fans of the comic and want to watch a light-hearted film.

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