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Launching @sophiereviews

Thank you to all my avid readers and loyal followers of this blog. It is thanks to you that I continue to love what I do and write about. To know I am touching lives and getting the word out there about the latest disability awareness blog posts as well as reviews on ‘Changing Places’, film, restaurants and more.

I try and update my blog as regularly as I can with my latest reviews, branching out to places other than my home city of Birmingham. I try to reach more people and I am so glad to feel I have done this.

However, I have come to realise that my blog posts will only reach so many people, so I have decided to expand to more social media platforms. I currently have a Facebook page that is linked to myLife of Sophie Abel and my personal Twitter account @sophieabel96 is also set to publish my latest posts.

Recently, I have set up an Instagram account @sophieabel96 which I use to update with my latest personal ventures and everything creative that I do in life. I will update it with my latest writing aspirations.

Some people asked me whether I was going to update my Instagram with my latest blog posts. I considered this, but at the same time, I wondered if it would more be organised and professional to set up a separate Instagram account. Follow me @sophiereviews for all things dedicated to ‘Life of Sophie Abel’.

I am enthusiastic about having two Instagram’s allocated to two parts of my life. @sophiereviews will now be updated regularly with my latest ‘Changing Places’, film, theatre, restaurant, attraction reviews. Please continue to follow me on this blog for my latest posts and check out my Instagram. Thank you for your support.

Personal Creative Instagram:


My Blogging Instagram:


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