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Regards Edgbaston Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Regards Birmingham is not far from my house and it’s a nice walk when the weather is good! Unlike the other local shops and businesses, it has a ramp into the facility which is invaluable for wheelchair users. It’s a bit steep but my wheelchair could manage it. There were two doors which I would have to ask someone to open it for me although often I find these doors already open. However, there is a second set of doors into the main restaurant which are always closed so I have to ask assistance. As the restaurant is not far from my house, I have not had to use the toilets while dining there so I am unable to confirm whether there is a disabled toilet or what size it is.

Accessibility within the restaurant is relatively good, although this also depends on how busy the location is at the time of visit. If busy it can make the spaces somewhat tight and I have to choose tables carefully. Thankfully, I have always found staff members and fellow customers to be very nice and would often move aside for me. I do have to be prepared of accidently being knocked into but again as everyone is so friendly this isn’t too much of a worry. Getting close enough to the table to dine is difficult as I do struggle to move my chair and angle it correctly. The table is also low height so I can’t get underneath enough and trying only serves to graze my knees. This problem is solved provided I make sure to bring a tray from home.

The bar within the restaurant is very tall and I cannot order drinks or takeout over from it. Because of this I have to rely on the people who are with me, but luckily the majority of the time I visit I use the table service. It is a very popular location but can also be quiet at times – either way the atmosphere doesn’t feel over the top or uncomfortable. Instead it’s nice that you can enjoy dining in a calm environment and enjoy talking and the company of those who you are with. Staff members are always welcoming and kind and helpful when needed. Depending on how busy it is they are chatty with us which is really nice when they are less busy. They are always observant and the whole team has good customer service skills.

The drinks consist of fizzy soft drinks and alcohol. I always have fizzy drinks with my meals, and they are always good. Fizzy drinks are always fizzy and refreshing. The restaurant has an extensive menu with many different options covering different pallets. There are so many choices and I often can’t decide which dish to have! More often than not I choose the chef recommended dishes of combination. This is where you have two dishes, half of half of whatever two you select.  It has to be said however that you cannot beat the lamb biryani which is tasty and full of flavour and only slightly spicy which is great! My family usually elect to dine-in but also have had takeaways as we enjoy the food. Prices are to be expected with the amount of food you get and remember to always take a doggy bag.

I recommend this restaurant for those who enjoy Indian food, but make sure you compliment your choice of dish with one of the rice dishes or the garlic and coriander naan for the best experience.

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