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Pizza Express Harborne – Restaurant Review

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Pizza Express in Harborne is on Harborne’s busy high street of other restaurants. The restaurant has flat access although it had one door into the main restaurant which is always closed and I would need assistance to get in. I think there is a button on the outside of the restaurant which disabled customers can press to request assistance. I have not had to use it myself as I have had people with me when I have dined at the restaurant. I have not needed to use the disabled toilet myself but I have seen it from the outside and it is of a standard size which doesn’t accommodate for all customers with disabilities.  

Accessibility and space within the restaurant were good, depending on the busyness of the location at the time of the visit and the way the tables are positioned, it takes me time to manoeuvre around to get to my table. My family and I try to change our table on our visits but we tend to stick to the tables at the front of the restaurant as its easier. Depending on space between tables and how helpful fellow customers are it can be challenging to manoeuvre close enough to the table and the tables of a low height so I cannot get underneath. I have to take my tray with me to eat off. The bar is too tall for me to place my drinks order over  it independently but Pizza Express in Harborne mostly operate on table service  

Staff members are okay and have natural good service skills but nothing too good just the basics. Speaking to you, exchanging the hello and goodbye, very rarely coming to check you. There are some staff members that are helpful, but this is not often on the times my family and I visit. It’s either been that or patronising service towards me, trying too hard to be nice or directing questions that I could easily answer to my parents, thinking I cannot communicate for myself. The atmosphere is nothing amazing, often quiet broken by the clatter of knives and forks and sounds behind the bar.  

Drinks are the standard, nothing to fizzy, the fizziness varies but honestly, I don’t notice too much. The food is good and the crusts on my pizza are relatively thin and tasty but the toppings are thick and nice but nothing too noticeable. The menu covers different tastes and dietary requirements though. I haven’t had desserts there is a long time so I cannot comment on those. Prices share okay nothing out of ordinary.  

This is a good enough restaurant but there are better options such as Pizza Hut or Ask Italian.

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