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Pizza Express Harborne – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pizza Express in Harborne is on the busy high street, towards the bottom. It is closer to the junction pub. The restaurant has one door into the main restaurant which is always closed and I would need assistance to get in. Then the passage between this door and the next was tight and I had to manoeuvre carefully to get into the main restaurant. I have not needed to use the disabled toilet myself, but I have seen it from the outside and it is of a standard size that doesn’t accommodate all customers with disabilities.

The accessibility and space within the restaurant were good, depending on the busyness of the location at the time of the visit. However, the way the tables are positioned, it takes me time to manoeuvre around to get to my table. There have been times when the restaurant has been quiet and more space between the tables. This has made my visit more comfortable. Previously, I have had to use my tray but on my last visit, the table was circular, higher than the others and I was able to get underneath it. If I was seated elsewhere, it might have been harder. The bar is too tall for me to place my drinks order over it independently but Pizza Express in Harborne mostly operate on table service.

Pizza Express has improved in customer service, from plain and standard with condescending attitudes towards me, not speaking directly to me but on my last visit, it seemed a more relaxed atmosphere with friendly and hospitable staff. The atmosphere was okay, quiet, broken by the clatter of knives and forks and sounds behind the bar.

The food and drink varied per visit, drinks weren’t anything too good, standard. The menu had several choices and fitted more dietary requirements and the toppings were tasty, but I wasn’t too keen on the crusts of the pizza. On my most recent visit, I saw the menu had expanded. The pizzas were so much better, with thinner crusts which I so much prefer over a thicker, stodgy crust.

Pizza Express Harborne, despite the down points, has improved in my estimation.  

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