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The Green Man Harborne – Restaurant Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

This restaurant is on a busy high street full of shops and restaurants. The Green Man is located on the top east of Harborne high street. Getting into the restaurant is easy as it has a wide ramp as well as stairs so it is accessible for wheelchair users. Accessibility and space are good and it is easy to get around. Some areas take a bit of manoeuvring around depending on your choice of table and how busy it is.  

The disabled toilet is of a standard size. This means it doesn’t accommodate for every disabled customer. The bins in this facility are stuffed with waste and the room smells bad which doesn’t make the use of it pleasant or easy. At the time of my visit it was a weekday lunchtime when all the kids were back at school so it wasn’t very busy but a few tables so it was a nice atmosphere as there was music in the background and I could have had a nice conversation with my cousin without having to shout too loud over the sound of screaming and shouting children. I was quite happy with the atmosphere and it made the dining experience more enjoyable because of the lack of customers in the pub at that particular time. Some people might find this shocking as they enjoy the atmosphere of dining experience which is busy and full of people but I enjoy oi quiet ambience to enjoy my meal.  

The table was of low height but thanks to the accessibility and space around the table as well as the lack of customers at that time I was able to get close enough to the table, so as to be almost underneath. However, the table was still too low my wheelchair to get underneath and my knees level to table underneath but luckily I brought my tray to give me that extra bit of leverage.  

Similar to many pubs of this kind you have to make your food and drink orders at the bar. At the Green Man, it looked to be a very tall bar and I did struggle but I found the staff members working the bar and in the overall restaurant helpful and kind and patient towards me which is good. Also, the bar was high however it did have its low points and I did manage to place my order over it independently. I also found the staff very attentive to check in on us and making sure everything was alright with our food  

The drinks were what you expect from a pub but I enjoyed my apple and raspberry J20. There are also no alcoholic and alcoholic drinks available as well as tea, coffees and hot chocolates to be served with your pub meal. The food was what you expect from a pub like this – there was a number of choices on the menu resembling traditional pub grub like pies and gammon steak etc. I decided to have a bacon cheeseburger as I feel that burgers are your best bet at a pub like this and I really enjoyed it and it was cooked properly and the bacon wasn’t too stringy and fatty which is often an occurrence at the pub. This one was good the only thing I’d say was it was a bit of a messy burger and it was a struggle for me to manage with only the use of one hand. The prices were ok, no more than what you would expect from any regular pub.  

I will be returning to the Green Man in Harborne again as I really enjoyed the experience and this is a good place to go to when you just want to chat and enjoy some pub lunches.

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