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Blithe Spirit (2020) Film Review

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Blithe Spirit is a fantasy comedy starring Leslie Mann, Dan Stevens, Isla Fisher and Judie Dench. It is based on a writer who has suffered from writer’s block but accidentally summons the spirit of his deceased ex-wife. The spirit allows the writer to overcome his hiatus and write with renewed vigour.  He also fantasies about her and ignores his wife’s affection. The writer does not credit these ideas to the spirit, leading to her seeking revenge against her ex-husband. After making contact with a shaman, the spirit takes a human form in the physical world.

I have mixed opinions of this film. It is definitely a slow starter with some flat areas, but the film picks up in pace towards the end. The film has a fun, interesting concept. Leslie Mann helps make the film more exciting through her excellent comedic performance.  I think the film is very hit and miss. You may find it fun and light-hearted, or you may dry and boring.

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