Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ Tesco Superstore, New Milton

The location of this Changing Places was very good within the shop as it was away from other toilet facilities, hopefully meaning it is less likely to be used by the wrong people. Additionally, as you go into the Tesco there is a sign with the correct symbol to indicate to this toilet facility is inside. There is also a big sign in clear writing as to what the facility is and the benefits of it to educate members of the public within  the shop. Like all Changing Place facilities, this facility uses a radar key which protects it from usage by non-disabled individuals.

This facility is still very new – in fact, it still has the manuals! More and more establishments are introducing Changing Places facilities which a very positive change for disabled individuals in society.  The cleanliness was impeccable in this facility. Added to this space within this facility was substantial and disabled users and those with them should not struggle to use this facility. All of the equipment is available and spread out to provide maximum use. There were also hangers on the wall to provide extra space for belongings. Individuals should have no issue transferring as there is a working hoist and changing bed. The ceiling hoist was also there in full working order, against the charging dock on the wall which stretched to all parts of the facility for once again maximum use. This facility provides all of the equipment needed in a changing place, a changing bed with wipes and tare away sheets to provide hygiene and capability and privacy for those who cannot use the toilet.  Unfortunately, there was not a screen of privacy within this facility.

Overall, I would recommend this facility.

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