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200 Degrees Cafe Colmore Row Birmingham

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I have seen a number of 200 Degrees coffee shops, but I haven’t been in one until my friend recommended it and we went into the one by New Street Station. Facing the station, the coffee shop is on the left on a bit of a slant which didn’t made it easy to get in. I had to angle my wheelchair in different ways a few times before I was able to get inside. The doorway was quite thin, and I had to ask my friend to open it for me as it didn’t automatically open. The interior was quite small and due to Covid-19, there were less tables out which made it easier to get around. I didn’t have to use it at the time but to my knowledge there was a standard size disabled toilet in the cafe. The different counter tops were high, but I was just about able to see over them to see the menus to order. 

There was extra seating towards the back of the cafe but the only way to get there was to go down some steps so unfortunately, I could not access that part because they did not have a lift. In normal circumstances this would have made my visit very difficult as I wouldn’t be able to access most of the seating area. The atmosphere seemed overall relaxed as some people were catching up and enjoying their coffee. I wasn’t too loud from the preparing of the drinks and food and so this didn’t ruin the atmosphere. 

There was only two members of staff working, one at front of house taking orders and the other preparing orders. The front of house woman was very nice but at first, she spoke to my friend over me but then when I started to speak for myself, she turned her attention to me. This happened again with the woman preparing the orders. 

There were a number of food and drink options available at the time of my visit but I was not hungry and so I ordered one vanilla milkshake and one orange hot chocolate. Depending on how you like your milkshake, it may have been okay for you, but I found it to be very thin and with only the slightest taste of vanilla. The hot chocolate only came in one size which was small. I was a bit disappointed at first with the size but once tasting it, I was happy to have a small cup because it was so nice and rich, I was really impressed with it. 

My friend, a vegan, wasn’t interested in the food they had on offer. They had a couple of vegan options (sausage rolls/snacks) but not enough options to make her want to try anything. Instead, she opted for a mocha with oat milk and hazelnut syrup. She had visited 200 Degrees years before (the one located by pigeon park) and thought the coffee was really nice then. The verdict after today was that it was still just as good. 

I don’t think I will be returning to this 200 Degrees cafe due to accessibility and lack of seating, but I will try the other 200 Degrees cafe located by pigeon park.

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