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Lockdown – Glass Half-Full OR Half-Empty?

The current pandemic and the lockdown restrictions have knocked us about, both physically and mentally. Life has changed drastically and I don’t think will ever return return to normal, well not in the same way. It is okay to feel down and ejected at times and don’t let others try and tell you to cheer up or is that everyone is in the same boat at the moment, is may be true but it doesn’t help your state of mind, it certainly doesn’t help my mind when I am told this. Life has been a lot of upheaval and we all cope for it in different ways. 

Of course, the ongoing advice from the government isn’t helping, it changing from one day to the next. I often have what I call, mental whiplash as a result. I try to avoid the news whenever I can because it really doesn’t help my mindset. Personally, my mental health has gone downhill and its hard to pick up. I have tried to live day by day, because that’s all I can manage. It is what I suggest you guys to do, if you prefer to think further, then that’s your choice, personal preference. Try and get out for fresh air, even if its just a quick walk, the weather isn’t great at the moment. The priority in all of this is you, your individual mental and physical health, do whatever you need to do to cope.

Personally, I have tried to lose myself in writing fiction, trying to lose myself in different worlds. It has definitely helped me an I have written a lot of material I can use in my projects. The lockdown has given me the opportunity to sit and soley focus on my fiction writing. So, if I think of lockdown being beneficial to me in that way, something positive has come out of it. I have some ideas and themes for my free genre writing and also now solid material and have made solid progress on my main fiction pieces and ideas of the story path. 

My advice to my readers and followers of this blog is take a breath, live one day at a time and take the steps to take care of yourself and your individual mental health. Maybe lose yourself in an activity you enjoy or take up something you have always wanted to do but never had a chance.

In the meantime, keep safe. Hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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