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Christmas in Lockdown

There are no words to describe this year. Everyone is on edge and living each day as it comes. It’s been an upheaval, full of sad and uncertain times. A year to remember but maybe not for the right reasons. Personally, I have felt a loss of direction and it makes me very nervous and apprehensive.

I’ve tried to bury myself in my writing and blogging to make time pass and go out for fresh air when I’m indoors for most of the time. I take daily walks and it was bizarre how quiet everywhere was and how empty roads were.

I admired how some people were out running to keep fit. I understand the need to be cautious, but poor mental health has decreased with the amount of time people spent indoors. Others took the next extreme and the supermarkets were packed.

Shops take the necessary precautions but then some people ignore the regulations entirely by trying to push past others to get to the aisles first. Then of course there was mass stock buying which was incredibly inconsiderate.

Now it’s is Christmas and and a new set of regulations has just been passed. The government has passed so many regulations over the past few months, it’s hard to keep up with everything. I agree this Christmas will be difficult and challenging, not able to spend time with those who are closest to you, not being able to hold the usual Christmas traditions.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, like the news does everyday, try to turn it into positive. Thanks to modern technology you can keep in touch by a social media and use video chats, Zoom or Microsoft teams.

Maybe have your Christmas dinner and then organise a film or games afternoon with your loved ones. Find new and creative ways to spend Christmas together. You may surprise yourself!

Merry Christmas everyone and keep safe!

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