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The Cowherds on the Common – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I was away on a girls weekend and we really fancied a Sunday lunch. I had been to a number one of pubs that do a Sunday lunch amongst a number of other things. This time we wanted to go local to where we were staying. We heard from locals that the Cowherds on the common do a very nice Sunday lunch.

Cowherds is a quaint pub with a park nearby, giving an opportunity to the youngest of our group to play before dinner. The entrance into the pub was flat and the space was quite tidy inside. Due to COVID-19 the pub was operating a one-way system, but I managed to get in and towards our table. On our way out, it was very tight to get out of the door using the one-way system and passing through all the cars. Within the pub there was a standard size disabled toilet, which is also used as a baby changing facility. Unfortunately, this decreases these hygiene levels and suitability for those in wheelchairs and other disabled customers. 

I wasn’t too keen on the bar area. The bar itself was really wide and tall and I was unable to see over it. If the service was over the bar, I wouldn’t be able to use it without assistance and though common in other restaurants and bars, I would like the independence to order drinks myself. I am also not a fan of dogs and the presence of them made me nervous. However, those allowed in were on leads and stayed in the bar area.

The accessibility and space around the Cowherds was very good and I easily came between tables and chairs. I got my own table without disturbing anyone and could sit up comfortably. To my disappointment, I had to use the tray I brought as the table was just too low for me to be able to get in in properly and had several ridges underneath it which did not help.

At the time of our visit, the atmosphere was very quiet, which was surprising for Sunday lunchtime. We expected it to be busier. It was a nice country pub atmosphere and despite the presence of dogs, I felt at peace and could catch up with friends over a nice meal. The staff members were a bit slow coming to help us; we had to collect a highchair for our youngest of the group, even though we had requested one in our booking. Nevertheless, they were quite attentive and pleasant through our experience. 

The staff were really helpful when I requested my meal to be in a bowl instead of the plate because it is easier for me to eat. I was pleasantly surprised that the coke I ordered was ice cold and fresh throughout the meal, which was a highlight for me as often I find coke go watery or flat. As we hoped, the pub was still serving Sunday lunch and I ordered the beef. I was very satisfied with the portion size. I thought about ordering extra like it suggest on the menu, but I am so glad I did not as it was just the right amount. 

Everything tasted really nice and the beef was not too fatty which was great. There were lot of vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and gravy. My friend and I shared some ice cream and vanilla cheesecake for dessert which was lovely, although the selection of ice creams was a disappointment because there were not many options.

After a nice and pleasant experience, I do recommend the Cowherds on the Common especially for a Sunday lunch.    

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