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The Bishop’s Mill Salisbury – Restaurant Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The Bishop Mill in Salisbury is a quaint little pub which was quiet but inviting. The courtyard is wide and available for outside dining and drinks which is good in warm weather and also provides extra seating and atmosphere. Access is flat though down a ramp and hill which my dad had to hold my wheelchair to keep me from skidding. The main restaurant has flat access inside but there are two sets of double doors and I needed to ask assistance to be able and get inside.

The restaurant did have a disabled toilet baring a radar key lock which is good. They have recognised that such a lock is needed to prioritise disabled users and shows the facility inside is not going to be abused. But still, this toilet is of a standard size and does not cater to all customers with disabilities.

The bar within the pub was very high and I would have struggled to place orders over it independently. As usual in a pub the space was quite compact, fitting in a bar and then as many tables and chairs they could to seat a vast number of customers. This pub was no different there was a number of tables beside the very long bar as well as a number of stairs leading up to more tables and chairs. At the time of my visit, all the tables and chairs on the lower level were taken so my only option was to sit at the top level. This pub had access to a small lift, and I was able to use this in order to get upstairs and be seated.

Upstairs had more tables and chairs very closely put together so I had to manoeuvre around them and another wheelchair user immediately after I came out the lift to get to my table. The accessibility in space within the pub was as expected but I was pleasantly surprised by the lift. The accessibility and space around the top part of the restaurant were ok but challenging with so many customers there at one time. My dad and my brother moved tables and chairs so that with a few separate attempts I was able to manoeuvre close enough to our table in a comfortable way that I could then tilt my chair down and get underneath it. I was able to get as close as possible to eat independently.

As the main bulk of service was done via bar there were very few interactions between staff and eating customers, but members of staff were attentive and often came to ask whether we were happy with our meals. Though a busy pub the atmosphere was nice and relaxing, and we could chat as well as my dad enjoying the football that was on as Sky Sports were on TVs around the pub.

My J20 apple and raspberry was very cool and refreshing with my cheeseburger and rosemary salted chips. Everything was very tasty, and I was impressed by the size of the burger and the rest of its fillings. There was a lot of mayo which I approve of but the lettuce was soggy. I think this excusable against the standards of the rest of the burger. Now I’m not usually a fan of chips but these fries were nice. I had to share them with my brother to be able to eat everything as they were a large portion.  I’m not usually one to have a dessert after such a big main meal but this time I did, sharing a vanilla cheesecake with my brother. The majority of cheesecakes I’ve tried at pubs are very thick and stodgy which is what I didn’t need after a big burger. However, this cheesecake I liked, it was creamy and though still thick and had the same nice flavours and tastes as other cheesecakes it wasn’t too sickly. The pudding made me full and was a great finish to the meal.

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