Changing Places Reviews

Changing Places Stonehenge Visitor Centre

While visiting Stonehenge and the exhibition surrounding it I saw a changing places facility was available alongside the other toilet facilities. The toilet is in a side passageway way that is cast in shadow but it is still clearly indicated by the appropriate sign and symbol

The toilet was next to a regular disabled toilet and has a radar key lock on the door which is great, it shows priority is being put into place to prevent those who don’t need to use it from doing so and protects the equipment inside.

Upon gaining access to the inside of the facility I would identify the space within as narrow but it was wide in length. The appropriate equipment was present inside which was great but the shape of the room meant it was a bit of a squeeze for my dad and I. There were not any hangers on the wall so we couldn’t hang our belongings up while using the facility. Instead, we had to prop things between the closed door and the back of my wheelchair.

A ceiling hoist was there in the facility and it was in working order which was great for our intended use. Unlike other ceiling hoists in other versions of these facilities, it did not operate on an H track, instead, it just operated on a track which meant the hoist only moved from .left to right, over the toilet and changing bed that was also there. We were still able to use it but it took extra time to be able to use it properly due to the space limitations. My dad and I were grateful that the ceiling hoist was hard against its charging doc and ready for use. The restricted space made it difficult, it kept sliding to the left and dad had to keep me steady, sliding into the space beside me. The bars surrounding the changing bed provided that extra bit of safety for its users and the bed was clean and hygiene levels were up. There was not a showering adaptation within the facility but it’s a rarity in these facilities anyway. There was a screen of privacy in the facility which provided that extra bit of security and reassurance for me.

Unfortunately, the sink was not height adjustable and I could not get close enough to be able to wash my hands independently and my dad had to assist me with that. He also had to go to the dispenser for the paper towels for me as it was right in the corner by the ceiling hoist track which seems an odd place to put it considering the facilities aims. This would be too high for a person to reach without putting their arm above their head.

Cleanliness within the facility was good and it definitely showed it was monitored closely. It made the use of the facility decent. Overall this facility was adequate, it was definitely clean but really needs to have been designed a little bigger as any issues stem from limitations of the size of the room.

This is a good ‘Changing Places’ facility, but with some changes, it can be made better.

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