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Toby Carvery Hollybush Quinton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Truth be told I am not a fan of Toby Carvery Hollybush Birmingham. Although the food at the Toby Carvery is good, I dislike how busy and dirty it can get and find it uncomfortable when it is full of children making a lot of noise. However, my most recent visit was different and much more pleasant. I visited with my dad, my grandparents, my auntie and a couple other members of our family.

The restaurant had flat access into it, although the doors to get into the restaurant need to be pushed or pulled to be able to get inside. I wouldn’t have been able to open them and get inside independently. I managed to get inside fine, but the doors are small in width which may make it difficult for some disabled customers to get inside. While visiting I did not use the toilet facilities myself but from what I can see, the restaurant has a standard-sized disabled toilet without a hoist or changing bed.

Accessibility within the restaurant varies depending on how busy it is. This visit was on a Sunday and customers came trickling in before filling the restaurant up entirely. The space between the tables was ok but it took me a few navigating attempts to make sure I got to my table. I had to go the long way around parts of the restaurant to be able to get close to my table which was in the back. I also had to make sure I was careful around other customers as there wasn’t much space to manoeuvre between them because of how busy it was. Due to it being a carvery you had to go up and get your meal yourself which was challenging as there were a lot of people in the restaurant. However, the staff members were very nice and upon seeing that I was struggling helped me get to a certain point in the queue and then said I could wait for my family to draw level with me. Once I got alongside the counter I was able to get level with it and see everything that was being served so was able to pick independently. The chefs were also kind and patient while I was trying to get my food and spoke directly to me to see what I was going to order.

Tables and chairs were positions very close together and due to the lunch rush, I did struggle to get close enough to my table. I manoeuvred in such a way that I could balance the tray that I brought with me between my lap and the table as it was too low for me to be able to get underneath. I was glad I brought my tray as it was a very messy Sunday lunch and I would have spilt a lot down me if I wasn’t so prepared. The bar was quite high so I had to send my dad to add my drinks order to the rest of my family’s. I didn’t mind this too much as the most important thing was to be able to order food at the main counter where they serve the carvery independently which I could.

The atmosphere was better than my previous visit there and it was busy. I was able to have conversations with my family and be able to relax and have a good time with them – this without feeling too bombarded with people and screaming children. The cleanliness of the restaurant wasn’t perfect, but it was a good standard and to be expected at carvery/pub.  The carvery served very nice food and had good portions. There was a lot of meat and we were able to get a range of vegetables, mash and potatoes. I was also able to get Yorkshire puddings to go with my beef and then mint sauce to go with my lamb. I was very impressed with the meal and will see if I can go there again – if I’m able to accept the more chaotic atmosphere of the restaurant for the meal.

I would recommend this Carvery for the food and drinks but be aware of the time of the visit as the restaurant gets very busy. The atmosphere of the restaurant is not always the best due to the screaming children there as well.

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