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Beefeater Hagley RD Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I don’t dine at this restaurant very often but when I do, I often go with family or close friends for a meal and catch up. It’s not fine dining but it’s an “alright” pub. It depends on preference.

Getting into the restaurant is okay. The entrance uses push and pull doors that were closed, and I couldn’t have opened them myself but I was with other people who opened them for me. The space between the doors is adequate to get through in an electronic wheelchair. The accessibility and space within the restaurant are okay; as to be expected at a pub. It varies based on how busy it can be. When it is full of customers space is more restricted. But it’s usually a straight path from the front door to a small number of tables with only a few obstructions from other customers.

I didn’t have to use the toilet myself on this visit, but I saw that a standard-sized disabled toilet was provided. This would not accommodate for every disabled customers need.

Tables within the restaurant vary in size and length. Depending on the number of customers and furniture, I can struggle to get close enough to the table but somehow, we manage it. However, the tables are too low for me to be able to get underneath it. When I dine here, we have to remember to take a tray to make it easier. Staff members are nice and provide good service and are sure to speak to me directly when dealing with my order. This is much appreciated as is not always the case at other restaurants.

The atmosphere is nice enough for a pub; not anything out of the ordinary. Nice enough to have conversations with the group you are with – certainly. As regards to the food and drink it’s good enough pub grub although I’ve had a few duff meals and it had put me off for some time. On one occasion I ordered a steak which I found bland and a bit fatty. I have recently had a cheeseburger and fries which were okay, but the half rack of ribs was great. That and the rocky road dessert – both were delicious.

Beefeater Hagley RD Birmingham is not one that I would immediately recommend but it’s good enough for a pub meal.

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