Changing Places Reviews

Changing Places – Grand Central Birmingham

The renovations of Grand Central Station at Birmingham included a Changing places facility, located at the very back of the upper level of the Station, amongst the other toilet facilities. The facility is clearly signposted with the appropriate symbol to point you in the correct direction, as is the door to the facility itself. The door uses a radar key lock which ensures that only those with disabilities can access this facility.

The space within the facility was only slightly bigger than a regular toilet but still provided enough space for everyone to fit one. The toilet was in the corner of the facility which wasn’t very accommodating as my dad could only squeeze into one side. The space between the bar and the wall was limited. The cleanliness at this facility is good but not as pristine as other facilities. On one occasion there was a used tissue on the floor.

Within the facility, there was a ceiling hoist on a thin track which stretched to all corners of the facility. This included over the toilet and the changing bed which could be folded away until it was needed so as to increase the space available. To keep hygiene levels up there was also a shower which disabled visitors can use. This facility also has hangers which are good as allows bags to be stored off the floor where they may be tripping hazards. There wasn’t, however, a screen of privacy which was a shame as a screen allows disabled users more privacy should they wish it. Although the overall facilities offered at this Changing Place are very good me and my dad have often found that the ceiling hoist has been out of order. This is hugely frustrating as I have not had this issue nearby facility at the Bullring. It has meant I have had to rush over at times to the Bullring which is hard to do when it is busy and often by the time I reach the Bullring I am desperate to use the toilet and in discomfort while I wait the additional time.

This facility could be a very good facility but the number of times the hoist has been out of order severely undermines is usability. If in Birmingham I would advise you to avoid this facility as you will probably end up having to use the Bullring facility ultimately.

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