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Hungry Horse Great Barr – Restaurant Review

Rating: 1 out of 5.

The Beeches in Great Barr is a  large pub that is part of the Hungry Horse franchise. Getting in was quite easy, there is a small slope at the entrance and I did need to have the doors held open but besides that, it was flat and spacious. They advertise having disabled facilities but I did not get the chance to confirm or use these facilities so cannot comment. Inside the tables were well spread out and there was plenty of space to manoeuvre around. Due to it being a very quiet time, getting around was made even easier although I think it would have still been manageable at busier times.

The tables on offer were at a low height so it was important to make sure that I utilised a tray as eating from the table would have given me great difficulty. There was enough space for me to sit quite near the table (in this case one of the booths on offer) which meant I could still be social  with everyone sitting down. In this pub, you had to order from the bar. Although a small section was of a height I could access the majority of it was too high so without someone with me I might have struggled to have made my order. As this was a pub this was a large bar, and it was well staffed. The staff themselves were very polite and friendly although they primarily were located by the bar. For a pub service it was good, if you prefer your staff being more attentive throughout the meal a restaurant would be a better pick.

At the time of our visit it was not very busy which meant it was easy to chat and be social with one another. At the same time it had the space to accomodate busier nights with ease. There were also screens around which meant they were able to show the news and sky sports which is obviously ideal for a pub. The drink menu as expected was extensive and included multiple alchoholic and non-alcholic beverages. The food emnu was also pretty big and suited different peoples tastes. I had a burger which was nice but I’ve better ones elsewhere. For the price it was very reasonable and what I expected so I was not disappointed. My friend had the fish and chips option and said the fish was very good and quite a large piece of cod. I found my choice of pudding (a millionaires cheesecake) quite rich and tasty and would have this pudding again as quite enjoyed it. My friend had a gin and berry based dessert which she said was light but with a sharp tang. For pub grub all the food was better than average but not fantastic.  There were also different food based offers for every night of the week which would allow customers to save money on specfic dishes.

It was a good enough meal, but I was not overly impressed or will be returning in a hurry!

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