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Giraffe, Grand Centeral Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Grand Central offers a wide-range of restaurants, eateries and bars that are bright and welcoming to any visitors who are at the Station and wish to sample the food and drink they have to offer. All of the restaurants in Grand Central are evenly spread out and it was easy for me to manoeuvre around when picking where I wanted to eat.  The outside of Giraffe has a bright and distinctive design however, it was not clear exactly what sort of food and drinks the restaurant specialised in.

The accessibility and space around the restaurant is reasonable. At the time of my visit it was evening, yet it wasn’t particularly busy which I found surprising as I assumed it would be peak time. I was able to manoeuvre around the restaurant with ease and only needed to ask two other patrons to move aside so I could pass. There was a bar where a staff member was serving drinks but it was tall so I would struggle to order independently. This was not an issue luckily as the majority of the time was table service. Tables were of a lower height than usual restaurants that I visit. On my previous visit I forgot my tray and so had to strain my back to be able to eat and drink. This gave me a significant back ache for several days after.

Giraffe alike the other restaurants in Grand Central does not offer toilet facilities to their patrons as Grand Central itself offers extensive toilet facilities.

Members of staff were very friendly and approachable, and we were initially served at a reasonable pace. The staff were not the quickest and the staff did not check on us throughout the meal. I thought the staff could have been more attentive. The slow service and quietness of the restaurant allowed me and my friend to have a nice chat and catch up.

My friend and i, really enjoyed drinking smoothies, cocktails and other drinks while we waited for food. Although the food menu has a wide range of choices for customers, on both visits I have found the food disappointing and tasteless. The Mexican food on offer was especially weak. Knowing that the poor food on offer was not a one-off I would advise against visiting this restaurant in Grand Central. I would not willingly return to this Giraffe (or any Giraffe for that matter) as the food is bland and massively overpriced. When there are so many other alternate options available in Grand Central and Birmingham City Centre a visit to Giraffe would be mistake. I give this restaurant 1 star and that is purely due to the pleasant atheistic of the restaurant and extensive drinks menu.

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