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Spies In Disguise (2019) Film Review

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Top spy, Lance Sterling (voiced by Will Smith) must save intel on his agency from Killian (voiced by Ben Mendelsohn) with assistance from scientist Walter (voiced by Tom Holland). Sterling uses his gadgets and old-school spy skills until Walter tries to introduce unconventional (or weird) science to the mix. Can the two reconcile their different beliefs as to how to be a spy in time to defeat the villain? And in the meantime, can he evade the agency till he proves his innocence?

The story was nice enough, but it wasn’t strong to compete with more prestigious animated studios like Disney and Pixar. However, the story really does capture Will Smith’s humour and fits his personality while offering very slick visuals. I would say the film can be enjoyed by adults and kids but suspect it would be wasted on children under six due to heavy dialogue and complex plot. Adults can expect film references and smarter jokes for their benefit while kids can enjoy flashy designs and likeable characters.

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